Week Twelve: November 21 – LAN // Project 3 Studio


  • Code of Conduct Search
  • Browsing/Mobile Mini Site
  • Workshop Prototypes
  • Review Readings
  • Studio

Code of Conduct/Community Guidelines

Working in pairs, find three examples of codes of conducts/community guidelines and post them to this google document under your groups name. Include a link and screenshot of the code of conduct, and using bullet points, explain what it’s for, what kind of community it represents, and how the code of conduct differs from other websites of a similar environment (for example, Pinterest versus Arena, Disqus vs NYT Comments). We’ll take a look at them as a class.

Credit: Nika Fisher, Designer/Artist/Instructor of Design 3A

Collective Browser Searches

You will have an hour to make a static site devoted to 7 browser searches. On a sheet of paper, write down your past 7 google searches. I’ll collect and give these back at random to the class. Use these keywords to create a static website using html/css that connects these 7 different keywords in an well thought out composition and connected way. Please images / links / icons / text

Use this example site as a template and design specifically for the size of your mobile phone (use Chrome’s Inspector to see how your site will appear on the phone). Add a link to this project on your portfolio site and add this link to this document.

Right Click, Inspect

On the left click the phone/doc icon to see a preview in a mobile format

Credit: This exercise was adapted from the workshop LAN co-led by Mindy Seu, Jon Gacnik, and Jürg Lehni.