Week Nine: October 31 – Project 2 Studio / lite jQuery


  • In Progress Mini Critique
  • Position/Absolute Review
  • jQuery Intro // Review
  • Studio
  • Review Readings
  • Studio

Mini Crit Order

Derek Li
Elyssa Feerrar
Josie Heibel
Valerie Lozano
Kirsten Maiwaldt
Katie Markar
Jennifer Aguirre
Ariel Chen
Gabriella Dilollo
Remy Hill
Wendy Kim
Krystal Lau

Position Relative // Absolute

This question came up with four different people’s work last class – so we’ll review this here.


jQuery is a JavaScript Library that simplifies JavaScript programming, we’ll use it for simple events like clicks and toggles.

Example Files here




No reading assignment this week, just complete Project 2 for next week. Please make sure all of your links are working, hovers activated, and you have it connected to your portfolio page (in addition to your content)