Week Fourteen: December 5 – Project 3 review


  • Final Presentations
  • Evaluations
  • Documentation

    Final Presentations

    Please add your site to the Notetaking document

    Derek –  Notetaker: Remy
    Ariel – Notetaker: Jennifer
    Elyssa – Notetaker: Katie
    Remy –Notetaker: Val
    Jennifer – Notetaker: Ariel
    Wendy – Notetaker: Derek
    Katie – Notetaker: Elyssa
    Val –  Notetaker: Derek
    Maggie – Notetaker: Gabriella
    Gabriella – Notetaker: Maggie
    Kirsten – Notetaker: Josie
    Krystal –Notetaker: Remy
    Josie – Notetaker: Kirsten


Jacob – add screen recording/OBS + AME + Photoshop GIF Export


I will return Project 3 grades by next Thursday, December 12th, via email.

If you would like a reconsideration of your grade on earlier projects, please make the suggested changes from myself and the notetaking document before Thursday, December 19 at 4PM. If you have made changes, please email me letting me know with a link to your revised project and a brief description about what you changed.