Week 11: November 14 – Figma Tutorial // Networks // P3 Exchange


  • Teachable Machine // Review Readings
  • Project 2 Crit for Krystal and Wendy
  • Figma // Prototyping Exercise
  • Project 3 Mini-Crits
  • Studio

Review Readings  // Teachable Machine

Last Friday, Google’s launched Teachable Machine 2.0. This is an easy platform to create a Transfer Learning platform – a classification model for images and sounds that can be used in your coding projects. This works quite well with P5.js and Dan Shiffman already launched a few tutorials on how to get started.

Hat Example

Let’s do make one as a class!


Let’s check out the responses to the readings here

Project 2 Critique (Continued)

Wendy – Notetaker: Derek
Krystal –Notetaker: Remy

Notetaker will record notes here


Figma is a prototyping platform used for creating mockups of digital publishing – but mostly websites and applications. Let’s all sign up for an account.

Sign up in the top right hand corner

Figma Resources

Specific Elements

Figma Exercise


Let’s practice using what you just learned about Figma. Design a prototype instruction app that walks you through the steps of one of the below (or riff on it).

1. Design an app that gives someone a new experience of using your favorite design tool. Eg, how could you use a pencil, ink brayer, camera, clone-stamp etc. differently than what it’s used for.

2.Design an app addressing what your neighbor (in the classroom) had for breakfast

3. Instructions on how to draw something

  1. Develop styles before you begin – color and text themes
  2. Pose a question to the person
  3. Have at least five frames
  4. Use at least one effect / transition
  5. One built in menu
  6. At least two buttons
  7. At least three icons or images
  8. Add your presentation mode to this document when you are complete


Project 3 Group Discussion

Pre Exercise – Classroom Social Network

Let’s get into small groups to discuss your Project 3 proposals. We’ll divide into groups of three and four.