Week 10: November 7 – P2 Critique // Documentation // P3 Intro


  • Project 2 Critique
  • Documentation / Sources
  • Project 3 Introduction

Project 2 Critique

Katie – Notetaker: Elyssa
Maggie – Notetaker: Gabriella
Kirsten – Notetaker: Josie
Gabriella – Notetaker: Maggie
Elyssa – Notetaker: Katie
Remy –Notetaker: Val
Wendy – Notetaker: Derek
Krystal –Notetaker: Remy
Josie – Notetaker: Kirsten
Derek –  Notetaker: Wendy
Val –  Notetaker: Krystal
Jennifer – Notetaker: Ariel
Ariel – Notetaker: Jennifer

Notetaker will record notes here


Take 25 minutes to add a page for the sources for your site. These can include any pages from which you acquired your images, Wikipedia pages if you conducted research, etc.  Consider how to  creatively embed this into your site whether through an image link.

Project 3 Intro