Project 1 – Exhibition

Galleries and museums are increasingly showcasing digital works, ranging from immersive installations, large-scale projections, interactive pieces on a browser, and more. Following the theme Artist as Visionary as Innovator as Architect as Seer, create a digital work that focuses on scale or interactivity. The project will be realized in the context of the undergraduate art open exhibition in the Mason Gross Galleries. The final form of this project is limited to a 2D animation or a screen-based interactive piece on a browser.

Throughout this project, we will question:
— what are ways of displaying digital work in a gallery space?
— what are novel forms of interactivity?
— how does scale, audience, and duration affect digital works?


Create a digital animation that is intended for a large-scale wall projection or a browser-based interactive work that follows the theme Artist as Visionary as Innovator as Architect as Seer.



  • Dimensions: 1080 × 1920
  • File Format: .mp4; 24fps;
  • Duration: 1 minute
  • Sound is optional (designed using Audition, no popular/copyrighted songs)
  • Housed on a page on your website as an embedded video from Vimeo (sign up for an account if you have one)

This must be a live website, linked on your portfolio site.


  • September 5: Project 1 Assigned
  • September 12: Project Proposals
  • September 19: Draft Review
  • September 26: Studio Class – 50% Complete /Audio Review
  • October 3: Project 1 Due
  • October 10: Project 1 Revisions Due – Review
  • October 17: Gallery Install of Videos/Interactive Pages


— Rhizome, The Art Happens Here
— David Jhave Johnston, Aesthetic Animism
— Thomas Dreher, History of Computer Art, “VI.3.2 HTML Art
— Brenda Laurel, Computers as Theaterexcerpt
— Tamiko Thiel, “Cyber-Animism and Augmented Dreams
— Georges Perec, “An Attempt at Exhausting a Place in Paris”, 1974 (re: Kyle McDonald)
Credit: Readings are located on the site of Mindy Seu, a designer and instructor of another section of Design 3A

References // Artworks

— Jeffrey Shaw, Legible City
— John Whitney, Matrix III
— Kyle McDonald, Exhausting a Crowd
— Moniker,
— NaHee Kim, Boob Blobs
— Reddit, Reddit Place /r/place
— Wafaa Bilal, Domestic Tension
— Gasper Noe, Enter the Void
— Penelope Umbrico, All the Catalogs
— Dina Kelberman, I’m Google
— Adriana Ramic, Craigslist-Assisted Readymade
— Lust NL, Jurriaan Schrofer, Type/Dynamics
— Jono Brandel, Typatone
— Cooper Hewitt, Immersion Room
— Young Hae Chang Heavy Industries